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Welcome to Cactus Country Homes! If you're struggling to get a loan from a bank to buy a house, we have great news for you. We specialize in selling homes that don't require bank financing.

We buy homes in the area and sell them with Owner Financing to people like you who are looking for their own home. We have homes available in whatever size, price, and location you are looking for. While living in your new home, you can then qualify for a conventional bank loan in 3 to 5 years.

We take pride in the quality of our homes and provide fast closings. If you already found a home but need financing, we can help or guide you to someone who can. Don't wait any longer, tell us a little about yourself and what you're looking for, and we'll be happy to send you a list of available homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

What if I have bad or no credit? Can I still get into a home?

Yes, owner financing allows you to get into a home without having to qualify for a bank loan. Every situation is different, but we specialize in helping people get into a home, while working on their credit and getting back to a place of having good credit. Even if your credit is bad, you can still own a home!

How long does it take to get into a home?

From the time you see the property until move-in is usually 7-12 days.

How do I tell you about a home I'm interested in?

We'll contact you by email with the homes that we have available. Simply reply to that email and let us know which home you would like to see and we'll make arrangements to meet you at the home so you can walk through it. We'll also answer any questions you have, including the monthly payment and the down payment. When you're ready to move forward, we'll have you submit an application and start the process.

What do I need to get into an Owner Financed Home?

To purchase an owner finance home, you will need a down payment and the ability to make the required monthly payments for the term of the owner financing. When you find a property you like, we’ll let you know what both the down payment and monthly payment are.

What’s the process to get into one of your Owner Financed Homes?

The first step is to tell us what you are looking for. Once we have your information, we’ll send you homes that meet your criteria. We’ll also send you upcoming homes for you to look at as well. When you see a home you like and are ready to move forward, we’ll send you an application. At this time, you’ll know the Down payment required, the term of the financing, and the home’s monthly payment. Before move-in, you’ll be required to make your down payment. This entire process typically occurs with 7-12 days for most of our clients.

How long is the financing?

Most of our homes come with owner financing for a period of 3-5 years. That is normally plenty of time for you to be able to qualify for conventional financing with your preferred bank. We also help clients repair and even build their credit score, making it easier to qualify for a conventional loan.

Do furniture and appliances come with the home?

Most of the time, the home does not include furniture. If a home does come with furnishings, we’ll let you know up front. Homes typically come with appliances, including stove, oven, refrigerator. Sometimes, our homes will come with a washer & dryer.

How quickly can I move into an Owner Financed Home?

Most of our clients move into their home within 7-12 days of working with us.

Hear What People Have Said

We are so proud to have helped so many individuals!

Sarah T.

I never thought I could own my own home again, but they made it possible. I'm so grateful to them"

Jordan B.

"The process of buying a house with them was incredibly smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easier way to own a home."

Jasmine K.

"I had a few credit issues that were making it difficult to qualify for a bank loan, but they didn't judge me for it. They helped me find the perfect home and made the financing process easy."

Hayley N.

"I was hesitant about the idea of Owner Financing, but the team put my fears to rest with their professionalism and transparency. I'm now happily living in my new home."

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